Angry that the lion took the life of the buffalo cub , the mother buffalo madly stabbed the lion back into the air to avenge her child.


In the same family of cats, but with his strength, agility and bloodthirsty, the lion is known as the “Lord of the jungle”, the animal that stands at the top of all species in the green forest.

To be able to stand in a position that no other animal can touch, lions must not only have special qualities but also have to go through a period of extremely fierce competition in the wild.

Lions can endure thirst for 4 days, but cannot go without hunger even for a day. According to observations of scientists, an average adult lion will consume about 5-7 kg of meat a day.

The prey of lions is usually wild boar, boar, buffalo, antelope, deer, gazelle and zebra….

It can be seen that the lion is endowed by “God” with many features that make it able to subdue all species such as vision that is 6 times more sensitive to light than humans, giving it an advantage when hunting at night, the ability to speed up to 80 km/h in a short time, jump more than 10 m, flexible group ability…

Majestic, screaming fire like that, but few people know when in the situation of “failure, bad luck” a lion will have to go through what pathetic things.

Bathabile Shakwane, a 22-year-old tourist during an expedition to Kruger National Park, South Africa, happened to come back to the heartbreaking situation of a lion when it no longer had its glory.


You have to pay close attention to see, a lioness lying warm in the sun in the bush as a herd of African buffalo is walking past. The lion lay enjoying his free space, showing absolutely no sign of attacking or harming the buffalo herd. However, a buffalo in the herd does not think so.

After a while of careful observation, the buffalo decided to approach the seemingly harmless lion. Unbelievably, from the status of a prey, the wild buffalo actively attacked the lion. It lunged forward, using its strong horns to hurl the lion into the air.

The lion in his whole life couldn’t have imagined that one day he would be attacked by the prey he’d been hunting for his whole life.

After taking revenge on the lion, the buffalo did not dare to take any more risks and turned to run away. However, with his weak body and injured legs, the lion had to bitterly drag his body and leave. If only the lion had remained in the herd, or at least had not been tormented by his wounds, he could have immediately defeated the brazen buffalo, instead of suffering such humiliation.


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