Sleeping in the sun in the middle of antelope green meadow accidentally became a hearty meal for the hyena family


Although they are known for scavenging from the carcasses of other predators, spotted hyenas are effective predators that can prey on large animals such as wildebeest and antelope. They are also flexible enough to eat smaller prey like birds and snakes

in this amazing video. We witness a herd of hyenas fiercely attacking an antelope.


At the beginning of the video we see an antelope that seems to be sleeping on the grass, surrounded by many other antelopes.

suddenly appeared a hyena behind approached the antelope, the bed as if it did not know the presence of hyenas should still remain in sleep.

The hyena comes close to the prey and bites the antelope’s back, at which point the antelope realizes it is in danger.

now the antelope tries to escape from the sharp teeth of the hyena, it continuously jumps here and there, but to no avail.

After the fierce struggle of the antelope, it broke its back, and at this time, the hyena released its bite from the antelope.

Unfortunately for the antelope, now there are two more vicious hyenas.

they chased and bit the antelope’s legs, making it unable to run anymore and being dragged in one place.

The next scene is the physical torment of the hyenas with the antelope. The pictures are horrible, so we don’t want to post them.



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