The painful confrontation leopard risked his life to attack the hedgehog and tragic ending for the fool


Leopards have the highest success rate of hunting in the big cat family.

Despite its relatively modest size (about 2 m long and weighing from 30 – 90 kg when fully grown) compared to other big cats in the family, the leopard is gifted with agility. and the ability to climb very well.

A leopard at a healthy age can run more than 60 km/h, leap more than 6 m horizontally and jump 3 m high, can dive down to prey from a tree branch and it can also hide. in an amazing disguise

Leopards like to hunt at dusk, like dawn, after sunset, or when it’s completely dark. A successful hunting of leopards is determined by the accuracy of the process of tracking, stalking and attacking to defeat the prey. When the leopard catches its prey, it will finish it by biting its throat to cause it to lose blood and suffocate to death.

However, their hunts are not always successful. Many funny situations happened during the leopard’s foraging process, one of which was filmed by Jaco De Swardt fortunately.

Accordingly, during a trip to Kruger National Park, South Africa, Jaco was leisurely on the trail when he encountered a leopard and a hedgehog in a “snarling” position.


Hedgehogs (Porcupine) are large, slow-moving rodents with sharp spines on their backs.

The most recognizable feature of this animal lies in the long, sharp thorny hairs used to protect the entire body. The size of some porcupine spines can be nearly the length of a foot (about 30cm), like the spines of the crested porcupine of Africa.

Hedgehogs use sharp spikes to protect themselves. They move, ruffling their sharp spines to warn off potential predators. If that doesn’t work then they will fend off the predator’s attack. The sharp spikes are very loosely attached but cannot be dropped or ejected.

Returning to the story, the tense atmosphere between the two opponents was pushed to a high level after the leopard could no longer keep its composure, plunging into the opponent’s pre-emptive attack.

The hedgehog is also not the right type when it immediately turns its back, going into battle mode. The young leopard still “trying to eat sticky rice” was finally pinned by a sharp feather of the porcupine, causing pain to the bone. After the painful blow, the hedgehog took advantage of the time the leopard was licking the wound to hide.


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