The lion’s humiliating moment for painfully losing to the little mongoose for scorning it


When attacked by a predator, the “victim”‘s first reaction is usually to run away. However, when there is no advantage in both size and speed, what to do?

In an interesting video, the mongoose falls into the “first-born death” scene when a herd of 4 lions is surrounded, preparing to attack. The ending would probably be extremely tragic if this poor animal ran away, and was attacked from behind.

However, instead of choosing a stupid death, the mongoose opens its mouth wide, screams menacingly, and even rushes at the enemy, confusing the lions.

It even jumps directly into the lion’s nose to try to grab the enemy, while skillfully dodging deadly pounces.

While the lions could not form a formation, the mongoose quickly found a way out, and sank to the ground before the humiliation of the predator.

The mongoose is a family of small terrestrial mammals in the order “cat-like”. They originated about 21 million years ago, in the early Middle Ages (Miocene).


Their distinguishing features are their large pointed head, small ears, long tail, short legs, and long claws. They are the smallest carnivores of Africa, with a height of only 20 to 30 cm.

Mongoose are mainly found in dry grasslands, open forests, allowing them to easily hide and hunt. The mongoose generally avoids dense forests and deserts, where conditions are harsh or where large predators are concentrated.

While most mongooses travel in groups, sharing food between members of the pack, there are also individuals who tend to live alone, foraging only for themselves.

Their food is usually insects, crabs, earthworms, lizards, birds and small rodents. However, there are also mongooses that eat eggs, carrion, and even attack snakes.


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