The old hyena does not have the strength to hunt, it immediately calls the cubs to join forces to attack the giant zebra to eat meat


The hyena is a relatively common carnivore in Africa, making an important contribution to helping balance the ecosystem here. With a hideous appearance, cold blooded, cruel enough to eat their own young, it is not difficult to understand why hyenas are among the most hated animals on earth.

For many, the hyena is one of the ultimate sorcerer animals, possessing the power of demons and dark forces of darkness. Some African cultures even believe that witches can transform into hyenas to harm others.

Having such a bad reputation, however, there is no denying the fact that hyenas, like many other carnivores, also need an adequate amount of food to survive in the environment. harsh natural environment.

Although the hyena’s feeding method is not very “righteous”, but in terms of efficiency, few animals can match it.

In Africa, spotted hyenas are second only to lions (when they encounter each other alone) in strength. Even hyenas sometimes “bully” lions, when they are overwhelming in number.

The fear of a pack of hungry hyenas when hunting was fortunately captured by Mr. Matthew during his travel trip.

That day, on the bus ride through the wonderful roads to catch the sunset of Matthew and his group of friends, the group told the guide about their wish to be able to see a jaguar with their own eyes. flesh and bones”.


It took an entire afternoon for the tour group to achieve their wish, which was to meet a jaguar wandering around on the road. Not only that, the group also raised the hope of being able to meet its cubs, so they decided to follow and observe. Unfortunately, its cubs are not near this area. When everyone was about to leave, suddenly a hyena was blocking the road ahead.

Looking closely, Matthew discovered that up to 5 hyenas were cornering a zebra on a corner, locking in all directions to prevent it from escaping.

Even worse, the zebra looked even more pitiful with injuries to its hind legs that made it lose its inherent ability to run away.

Witnessing what was in front of them, everyone present knew that no miracle could happen to the zebra. Although the zebra tried to resist with all its might, before the overwhelming herd of hungry wild animals, it had to give up and accept its fate.


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