Passionately fighting for mates, the painful wildebeest becomes a sumptuous feast for the lions


To compete for territory and mate opportunities, two mature wildebeest repeatedly ram each other with their pointed and twisted horns.

The horns’ clashing noise could be clearly heard.

The combat is very evenly matched as they build momentum and rush to the adversary with all their strength.
They neglected the fact that a lioness was standing right next to them, waiting for them to fight until they were both exhausted before rushing to devour them both since they were too busy fighting.

The lion didn’t seem to hesitate to hurry to bite the weaker antelope’s leg when it appeared as though it was about to win.

When the stronger antelope realized this, it utilized all of its remaining power to flee from the lion as quickly as it could.

The antelope feels anguish as the lion first bites its leg, then immediately bites its armpit. It unsuccessfully fought back by using its pointed horns.

Due to exhaustion after the battle with its comrades, it initially resisted the lion’s bite for a while before remaining motionless and allowing the lion to bite.

The lion swiftly obstructed the prey’s neck to kill it after realizing that the antelope could not escape. Get rid of the poor gazelle.


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