Greed rushes to steal food from leopards, jackals receive an incomplete death


In the wild world as we know it, it is rare for jackals to fight leopards. But for the sake of survival, anything can happen.

2 jackals try to follow a leopard along with a large antelope for a delicious meal. But the price to pay was too high for making the leopard angry.

The antelope was found dead and the leopard was trying to move its massive prey to safety. Surrounded by countless envious gazes of other animals.

2 jackals were no exception, because they were so hungry and craved a full meal, 2 jackals followed the leopard and waited for the opportunity to rob that meal.

But unexpectedly, perhaps the leopard is having a young cub and does not want to be disturbed, as well as the safety of the cubs. The leopard decided to attack the stalker and a jackal died painfully.

The moment a hunter died under the jaws of another hunter was recorded by Bertie van Greunen, a wildlife lover, and his wife Ria in Kgalagadi Transfrontier national park, southern Africa, Latest Sightings on 31 /8 reported.

“On our last day at the Polentswa campsite, we were woken up by a cheetah’s cry and decided to drive around. We saw the leopard on the mountainside, but couldn’t see it clearly. So, After 20 minutes, we decided to go to the lake, where there were two interesting jackals,” Greunen said.

Upon reaching the lake, Greunen and his wife at the same time discovered a leopard named Olebeli. It was sitting and looking at the herd of gazelles that had just left the lake. Around the lake there were also many pigeons coming to drink water and the pair of jackals began to stalk them.


When the pigeons were about to land, the jackals were ready to rush out to catch them in the hope of getting breakfast. However, they did not expect another hunter to be lurking – Olebeli. While a jackal tries to catch pigeons, Olebeli hides in the grass. Finally, when the jackal jumped up high, Olebeli also rushed out to attack it with precision.

“The other jackal jumped up and down and made an alarm sound but it didn’t do anything. Olebeli grabbed the prey by the neck and left. We saw the leopard cross the road as expected, then go home. to the bushes and take one last look at us while still clutching at their prey. That’s the end of the jackal,” Greunen said.

“That afternoon, we went back to the lake and saw that the jackal’s friend was still searching for it. It made both my wife and I very emotional. This is definitely an experience that my wife and I will never forget. “, Greenen shared.

Leopards (Panthera pardus) are large cats distributed in sub-Saharan Africa, northeastern Africa, Central Asia, India and China. Their prey includes antelope, deer, wild boar, rabbits, fish, birds and a number of other creatures. Leopards are good at climbing and can jump up to 3 m high.


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