With the underwater ambush plan to hunt the jaguar successfully hunt the giant crocodile underwater


The world is so vast and there are so many interesting things waiting for everyone to discover. Coming to South America, we often refer to the two most characteristic animals, Caiman and Jaguar. And never know when Jaguar mastered the skill of hunting caiman both on land and in water.

A Jaguar has just delighted viewers in a thrilling caiman hunting video and the fight is entirely underwater.

The opening is an image of a jaguar swimming in the river to approach a caiman basking in the sun near the water. If hunting caiman from the shore, the jaguar will definitely fail.

The Jaguar was probably getting ready for battle and was probably watching the caiman’s position from the other side of the river. It swam slowly to and near the caiman, then suddenly accelerated in shallow water and attacked the caiman by surprise.

The startled caiman fled on reflex, but the Jaguar was determined not to lose its prey. Jaguar is submerged underwater by caiman and intense fight ensues.

The Jaguar then surfaced in a triumphant stance and bit the caiman and its teeth. Jaguar tried to bring the caiman ashore and the caiman had a chance to run away but was again caught.

Jaguar has successfully hunted a fairly large caiman and this is perhaps the most worthy meal for a hero with great intelligence in the dangerous wild world.

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The incident happened on the Three Brothers River in Mato Grosso, in the Brazilian rainforest. The terrifying battle between two notorious predators on the ground and in the water took place within 20 minutes.

Wildlife photographer Chris Brunskill promptly captured this entire one-on-one battle.

The photographer shared that his team watched the jaguar for an hour. Discovering a giant crocodile lying on the sand jutting up in the middle of the river, the male leopard quickly switched to a hunting position because it had previously lost another prey.

It crept closer to the crocodile as lightly as possible to avoid detection by its prey. When the distance between the two animals was shorter, the jaguar used all its speed to pounce on the crocodile. The crocodile discovered too slowly, it tried to struggle but could not escape the sharp claws of the leopard. The leopard quickly bit its teeth into its head, punctured the crocodile’s skull, making its prey can only struggle in “The jaguar is very good,” said Luke Dollar, co-creator of the Big Cats Initiative with Chris Brunskill.


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