Too angry because the lion persistently chased the antelope turned around and attacked the lion right on the life


Lechwe and lioness face each other with their noses almost touching. The impasse continues in the floodplains of Botswana. Who will initiate contact?

Witnesses reported seeing this extraordinary occurrence in Botswana’s Great Plains Concession. They provided with the video and account.

Lions are renowned for their prowess in the field of hunting and predation. It is undoubtedly unusual and special to see a lion hunt. It is not unusual, though. A lion hunting in water is now a little less common to see.

“Lions pursue a range of prey in Botswana’s floodplains, including buffalo, wildebeest, and numerous antelope species. The lechwe, though, is one of their favorites. On this particular day, we came upon the local lion pride resting by a channel. The lions’ stomachs were obviously empty.

The lechwe, a kind of antelope that is well adapted to flooding, lives in the islands, waterways, and flooded grasslands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Fast and agile, the lechwe is a difficult target for lions. Therefore, despite the high population of lechwe on the floodplains of Botswana, lions rarely succeed in hunting these antelope.

One of the lionesses saw activity in the foreground after the lions had been lying around for a while. A couple lechwes were moving across the waterway and straight for the lions. We awaited with eagerness. The lechwes were approaching steadily. The lechwes detected the lions’ presence as they were ready to touch down and turned.

The lions were already positioned and prepared at this point, preparing to seize this chance. They pursued each other through the water, which was covered in a lechwe frenzy. A lone male lechwe was hunted by the lions. He was forced into a dead end since he was cornered with a deep river on one side and a thick bank on the other.

“The lechwe engaged in a game of patience. He would keep his ground and act aggressively each time the lioness came near. Lechwe used the brief moment of distraction the lioness experienced to his advantage, buying him the time and space he needed to flee. The lioness appeared humiliated and defeated.

The conflict between the lioness and the male lechwe is ultimately just one episode in the continual cycle of life and death in the Botswanan floodplains. In a relentless struggle that has been going on for thousands of years, the lions will keep hunting, and the lechwe will keep fighting for their lives.


A video shows the cruelty of nature, when an antelope is calmly lying in the middle of a shallow lake, being attacked and killed in the blink of an eye. It is worth mentioning that the predator is not a crocodile, but a lion.

According to Stefan Reynders, a tourist at Kruger National Reserve (South Africa), who also recorded the video above, the ill-fated antelope was chased by a pack of hyenas, causing it to run away. down the lake.

Due to the short body structure, the head is low, so the hyena has no advantage in flooded areas. They give up after trying for a while, and witness the prey that doesn’t seem to want to leave their hiding place.

It was thought that this would be an amazing escape phase of the antelope, when suddenly a lion appeared out of nowhere. It was immediately attracted to the gazelle enjoying its brief relaxation in the lake and approached.

Antelope also saw lions, but seemed to be extremely confident about their hiding place. It made no move to run away, even though the enemy was very close.

In just a moment, the lion suddenly accelerated into the lake, causing the antelope to hastily turn around, but could not turn back. Finally, with just two jumps, the lion caught the subjective prey, grabbed it by the neck and dragged it ashore. This is probably one of the lion’s easiest meals.

It can also be seen that despite being in the Cat family, lions are not afraid of water as many people mistakenly believe, even though this is not their favorite hunting environment.

In Western culture, lions are known as “king of the jungle” or “king of beasts”. They are also the most social of all wild cats, living in groups of individuals associated with their offspring.

In the wild, like other felines, they are superb predators and top carnivores, driven primarily by their abundant prey populations. The lion’s ability to hunt in groups also increases their success rate when hunting large and dangerous animals. animal


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