Terrified with the power of leopards when alone defeated a wildebeest 5 times bigger than me


In this unbelievable sighting, a leopard shows its brute strength by taking down a wildebeest 3 times its size! This incredible moment was witnessed in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve.

Field guide Jolandie Prinsloo from GZ Adventures took these incredible photographs! Koos Kilian from Kambako Executive Lodge shared the video and story with LatestSightings.com:

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“My wife and I took a group of clients out on safari and of course, everyone was keen to see elephants. So we headed to Lengau dam where we observed a lot of general game. My wife had left the area with her guests, but just as we wanted to leave, someone exclaimed, “There’s a lion!” which I found confusing because predators tend to rest at midday. But when I looked over to where they pointed I saw it was a leopard!”

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“The leopard had been stalking a herd of wildebeest next to the waterhole the whole time. Seconds before the leopard charged, a guest who had been photographing the general game realized what was happening.”

“Of course, we were all on the edge of our seats, but I remained doubtful, thinking – what are the chances of this leopard being successful?”

“The leopard kept his focus on one wildebeest and took off! I got goosebumps! He took the wildebeest down, which was unbelievable when you compare the size difference. I so badly wanted my wife and her guests to see this too, but by the time they arrived, the leopard had moved deeper into the grass to cool down with its prize.”

“After our lunch break, we returned to observe the leopard enjoy his lunch. And this leopard was not at all phased by vehicles – quite the show-off. Always be ready with a camera and be patient. Let the animals come to you! I learned this once again… Had it not been for my guest spotting it, we would not have witnessed this.”

Cheetahs are solitary animals and rarely hunt in packs. But the video below has recorded a rare scene, when not only 1, but 5 cheetahs together organize a methodical hunt, making us think of their “brother” lion. .


The video begins with five cheetahs stalking together, then suddenly attacking a herd of wildebeest grazing on the prairie.

The target they identified was a young, immature antelope. Therefore, the antelope will hardly have the opportunity to run away, as well as fend off bloodthirsty hunters.

With extreme speed, leopards quickly approach and pounce on their prey from behind. However, it can be seen that if it is alone, it is quite difficult to control its prey.

This antelope even managed to kick the leopard back, before it continued to run away.

Witnessing “comrades” in trouble, the cheetahs in the herd immediately rushed to help. They take turns chasing the antelope, then together clinging to the prey, making it no longer a way to escape.

After a few minutes, the wildebeest gave up and became a meal for the hungry cheetahs.

There are overwhelming numbers, but the cheetahs have a hard time knocking down their prey.

Together with the Cat family, but cheetahs are much smaller in size and appearance than the other 4 big cats (including tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards).

While most cats have developed muscles and the ability to suppress prey, cheetahs have a completely opposite body structure with an elongated body, a small, compact head, a short snout, only suitable for the ability to move and chase at extreme speed. The maximum speed they can achieve is up to 120km/h.

They are the only feline species with non-retractable claws. This mechanism helps them always use their claws to stick to the ground, acting like the nails in athletes’ shoes, creating a very significant additional thrust.

The cheetah’s tail is also longer than that of cats and is very strong, helping them to maintain balance when chasing prey at high speed.

Cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 120km/h.

However, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, cheetahs are often not strong enough and bite force to finish off, even when the enemy is large prey, let alone large and strong beasts.

With a solitary lifestyle, the cheetah does not have much of a chance against pack predators like African wild dogs or can’t stop the crowded vultures swooping in to steal its prey.

Because of these weaknesses, while predators like lions and hyenas can thrive, cheetahs can’t. According to statistics, they have decreased by up to 90% of the population in the past 100 years.



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