The moment a lion’s pride is destroyed when a giraffe knocks down the whole herd


The mother and her tiny calf were separated by the lions as they circled the couple on the savanna and leaped on the mother to chase her away.

The “det” happened earlier last week in Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Attack: While the others are focused on the mother and calf, one of the lions in the enclosure leaps up onto the adult giraffe.

Any animal will flee when confronted by the lion, known as the “king of the jungle”. It makes sense given their immense strength; even large and powerful creatures like wildebeest, water buffalo, adult hippopotamuses, etc., have fallen victim to lions. Giraffes are always the targets of the “green forest pedato,” regardless of the рeу. So let’s watch the entire film to find out how the lion will attack and defeat the giraffes!

Six lions tried to wrestle the giraffe to the ground for 5 hours, but still could not knock down prey many times larger.

After a period of intense monitoring, the three lions simultaneously rushed to attack a nearby giraffe. One climbs on the giraffe’s back while the other two cling to its prey’s hind legs. Others in the herd also quickly joined the hunt by taking advantage of biting the body of the prey.

Although each lion weighs about 170 kg, the lions are still no match for the 794 kg giraffe. The deer still managed to trudge until the lion was tired from the loss of attack power. Photographer Francois Pienaar witnessed the confrontation between a lion and a giraffe from a distance of 30 meters in the Klaserie nature reserve in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The group of 6 lions struggled for 5 hours but still could not pull the giraffe down.

Lions often hunt in packs to take down large prey. Their main food is mammals, especially ungulates such as zebras, giraffes, and antelopes. Lions can chase prey at speeds up to 80 km/h.

One piece of advice for visitors to the wilderness is to be a cultured observer and never try to interfere with anything.
More importantly, you need to have a proper attitude towards what you are about to witness. Give wild animals free space, let them continue to do what they are doing. Be a cultured observer and never try to interfere with anything. Wild nature has been, is and will function the way it has always been.


Alexandra Olivieri is the author of the above advice. In order to extract those valuable experiences, she told an amazing story that she experienced on one of her trips.

Olivieri’s job is as a tour guide. That day, she was working at Kings Camp in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve on the border between Hoedspruit and Acornhoek, when she noticed a large flock of vultures gliding from the sky to the ground.

Although Olivieri’s first purpose was to go to the den of a herd of hyenas being watched by her group, the unusual incident did not stop her curiosity.

And of course, what I saw was worth the effort of Olivieri and the whole crew. They didn’t expect to see a fight between a female giraffe and a pack of aggressive hyenas.

Giraffe is a special animal, recorded as the tallest mammal in the world thanks to its long legs and tall neck. This herbivore lives mainly in deserts, open forests, savannas and is found almost exclusively in Africa.

Unlike elephants, their large size puts giraffes at a disadvantage. Although they only drink water every few days, every time they move to a water source, they often have to kneel, crouch and bend their necks, which makes giraffes vulnerable to predators like lions. death, leopard… in the African desert.

The long neck allows the giraffe to detect predators from a distance, but the young are still quite low and can’t run away in time. According to statistics, young giraffes have a mortality rate of up to 50% in the first 6 months of life.

Unfortunately, the fate of the young giraffe in the article is also among them and the culprit is none other than the hyenas.

Huou is so tall that she can’t help but have a baby

A mother giraffe discovers her baby is dead.

The mother giraffe, after finding out that her baby carrying a painful birth was killed, frantically attacked the enemy in the hope that she could get her baby’s body back.

Olivieri said: “Being in the profession for more than 10 years, but I have never seen anything like it. The mother giraffe’s anger captured our entire attention. From the growl to the stomps,” Olivieri said. Its paws point towards the hyenas, leaving the whole group impressed.”


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