Great jungle battle when the whole family of wild dogs rushes in and attacks the giant hippo in a frenzy


Our average video that we share is around 1.5-2 minutes, so when we share one that’s 5 minutes, you know something epic is going on! And you are not wrong this time.

This jam-packed sighting of a pack of wild dogs chasing impalas, with hippos and hyenas interfering, was captured by two people in different vehicles at the same time! Francois Pienaar and Rogan Roams, told about the events of the day and how incredible it was having this unexpected twist to what seemed to be a “normal chase” for breakfast.

Rogan Roams, Videographer and Photographer at Africa on foot: “We had heard over the radio that there were dogs on the tar road so we bee-lined straight there. When we found the dogs we were excited but had no idea what was about to unfold.”

“When we saw the little impala in the water, there was a buzz of excitement at the prospect of seeing a successful chase go down, but my heart did break watching it desperately looking for an exit strategy. It’s a hard reminder of the cruel nature of the wild.”

“Everyone on the scene was waiting in anticipation, to find out if the impala would somehow escape. Or to see if the wild dogs would end up having a victorious breakfast. But what happened next, left everyone surprised!”

“Out of nowhere, a huge hippo lunged himself out of the still waters. With jaws clamping down onto the poor impala, taking it out instantly!! The wild dogs were just as surprised. For a while, they did not realize that their attempt would no longer be victorious.”

“Standing at the water’s edge, the wild dogs soon came to terms that the impala was no longer theirs and slowly started moving off into the distance.”

“The sighting finally ended off with dozens of defeated dogs! They watched the water calm to a still and then disappeared into the bush in search of another breakfast opportunity. Not forgetting that at least they had managed to catch one other impala in the process.”

“I’ve lived full-time at Africa on Foot for nearly three years, this ranks in the top three sightings I’ve ever had.”

Francois Pienaar, Field Guide: “My family and I left on an early morning game drive and heard one of the guides calling in a sighting of wild dogs on an impala chase. When we reached the sighting, we saw the pack of dogs with the first impala catch they made. Trying to fend off hyenas from stealing the catch from them. We were extremely excited to see this.”


“On the banks, we saw another impala trying to hide from the dogs and when she was finally noticed, she jumped into the water, trying to escape the predators. This is also what aggravated the hippos with all the commotion going on around them.”

“What blew our minds was the wild dog jumping into the water trying to reach the swimming impala while the hippo fought off the other dogs on the bank! The pure persistence of the hungry dog finally paid off.”

“Eventually, all the action escalated when the dog grabbed the impala behind the head and dragged it underwater. With the hippo approaching rapidly, trying to get a hold of the dog. In a panic, the dog left the impala stranded in the dam. Suddenly, the Hippo flung the impala into the air, leaving everyone in the vehicle in shock. After this, the dogs tried to see if they can get a hold of the impala. But, unfortunately, with no luck, the pack lost interest and left the area.”

“An incredibly special and rare sighting. Certainly, you do not see hippo, hyenas, wild dog and impala interaction every day.”

Known to be herbivores, but sometimes hippos also surprise many people when adding meat to their diet. Such a story happened not long ago.

The fight for a meal took place between a hippopotamus and a pack of wild dogs, who fought over the carcass of an unidentified animal. Obviously, no one wants to give up in this fight.

Wild dogs are overwhelming in numbers but hippos are so strong, along with thick skin that it seems to be unaffected by enemy attacks. A few scratches on the skin may be the result of any previous encounter.

After a while of fighting, the hippopotamus drags its prey into the water in the helplessness of the wild dogs. Pictures taken in Kruger National Park, South Africa. animal animal animal


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