Seeing a lion peering at his well, the elephant used a hose to make the lion run away


A lioness relaxing at a waterhole was unexpectedly chased off in a rather funny lioness and elephant encounter.

This comical sighting was captured on an Africam trail camera that is placed at Naledi Game Lodge in the Balule Game Reserve. Aidan Rademeyer shared the images with

Trail cameras are a relatively new way for viewers from around the world to virtually connect with Africa. Often, these cameras are frequented by plains game and birds. On rare occasions, predators make appearances.

On this particular day, a lioness was lounging behind a small stone well, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the peacefulness of the bush. Little did she know, she was about to have an encounter she would never forget!

As she lay there, basking in the glory of her surroundings, she heard the sound of footsteps. But this was not the typical sound of prey approaching. And before she knew it, an elephant appeared at the well.

Now, the lioness was not one to be intimidated easily, but even she knew that an elephant was not to be messed with. Elephants may not be on the menu of lions. This does not mean that elephants tolerate lions. Lions pose a threat to young newborn elephants, so whenever an elephant encounters a lion, the result is often the lion being chased away.


The lioness tried to back away, but it was too late. The elephant trumpeted loudly and approached the lioness. The elephant then proceeded to draw water from the well.

The lioness was stunned, wondering what to do next. She had never encountered an elephant this angry. But then, something unexpected happened. The elephant turned towards her and sprayed her with water in disapproval!

The lioness was taken aback, unsure of how to react. She had never been scolded by an elephant before! The elephant continued to spray water, making sure the lioness knew she was not welcome.

Eventually, the lioness decided it was best to retreat and find another spot to relax. As she walked away, she couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. Who knew that an elephant could be so protective of a watering hole?

This encounter may have been unexpected, but it sure was comical! The lioness and elephant both went about their day, perhaps with a newfound respect for each other.


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