Horrified hippopotamus bites buffalo in the presence of wildebeest, making them afraid to drink water


74-year-old, Burkhard Schlosser, was out on a game drive with friends close to the Brent Pirow camp in Kruger. They stopped at a nearby dam to admire the view when they noticed an amusing little stand-off between a buffalo and a hippo.

Burkhard explained the scene to Latestsightings.com: “We all got up that morning and looked forward to taking a drive to this dam in the reserve. To our amazement, there were dozens of animals all vying for some water in a very dry dam.

There were at least 8/9 different species around. A dominant male wildebeest was chasing his fellow peers around from one end to the other, not keeping still for a moment. That was very entertaining to behold on it’s own.

Kudu were burying their horns and foreheads into the mud as were the wildebeest. This was also the first time I had seen anything like this. All the others on board the vehicle were also quite puzzled.

We had noticed the Hippo lying Dear the edge of the water/mud line trying to stay cool. The only really free water was just in front of the Hippo.


A buffalo came along to quench it’s thirst. He knew the hippo was watching so he approached with caution. Everyone was now captivated to see the outcome.

The hippo eyed the buffalo’s every movement.

Then came the response from the hippo snapping at the buffalo and then opening it’s mouth bearing all its teeth. Discretion being the better part of valor, the buffalo

There was a moment of disbelief and then quiet chuckles at the outcome of the event.

Visits to the Parks are always very exciting and waiting in anticipation for the unforeseen and the daily happenings that unfold is a great thrill. Having a little patience is very crucial whilst at a scene as many events are missed if one doesn’t spend time there”.



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