Watch in horror as two hippos fight for territory in a life-and-death battle


Hippos are extremely territorial creatures and are amongst the most aggressive animals in the world with their fights, sometimes ending with the Ԁᴇɑтһ of one of the participants.

Male hippos make a roaring noise to warn of intruders approaching their territory. When two male hippos start fighting, they will use their tusks to try and gore each other. This can be very Ԁɑпɡᴇгous, as the hippos can easily puncture each other’s organs.

Hippos will usually fight other hippos using their mouths. The creature’s impressive jaw measures two feet across and can be opened to 150 degrees. When two hippos fight, they usually face each other with their mouths open, attempting to inflict bites on the other, while using their mouths to block any bites directed at them. And the bite pressure of a hippo has been measured at an impressive 1,821lb – enough to split a small boat in half.

Many people think that hippos fight when they are in the water. This is not true.

Hippos do not like to be wet and will only get into the water when they feel like they have no other options, such as a hungry lion trying to eat them or a human with a gun looking to ᴋɪʟʟ them.
Fights between hippos occur on land, not in the water.


The real reason hippos fight is because they are very territorial. Hippos will mark their territory with their dung and then defend it against other hippos. They may also fight over a mate.
When a male hippo tries to court a female, he will become very aggressive with any other males near her. If another male tries to take over his territory, the two hippos will fight.
Hippos are also very protective of their young and can become aggressive if they feel their calf is threatened.

Because hippos are so big, their fights can be very violent. They battle on land with their strong legs and sharp teeth.
Their enormous weight, combined with the size of their tusks, makes it difficult for them to get back up after falling down. If a hippo is hurt in a fight, it may not get back up and could quickly become prey for other animals.
Yes, hippos can injure each other in fights. They can puncture each other’s organs with their tusks, and they can also get hurt if they fall down. Occasionally, a dispute will result in Ԁᴇɑтһ.

When two male hippos fight, there is no clear winner. The fight will usually go on until one of the hippos gets tired and runs away.


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