Leopard kills jackal in moment of horror


In case you missed last week’s sightings – here they are. Yet again, another phenomenal week for sightings in the parks and reserves – Amongst others, one where a leopard kills a jackal!

This gorgeous leopard with a kill was tinged by Evert Ross at Maries draai, in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

A serval was seen stalking a Kori bustard, but its bravery was obviously greater than its abilities and it did not manage to hunt it. Tinged by the Bosch’e.

These majestic birds of prey are usually seen in trees or elevated areas where they can spot their victims. It is very rare to see a martial eagle quenching its thirst such as this. Tinged by Karen on the S27, near Crocodile Bridge.

Needless to say, due to their size and weight, elephants need to drink and eat a lot. A fully grown elephant will drink 200 liters of water, on average per day. This young elephant bull was seen drinking at Tau pan – Tinged by Jann-Rick, Tshukudu Lodge.


Leopards are mostly solitary animals unless mating or a female with cubs. “We spent half an hour with them on the road, before they went on into the bush” – Tinged by Bhavans.
Cheetahs are highly endangered and in an attempt in monitoring their numbers, they are collared in various parks and reserves. 2 Cheetahs were spotted on the 3-way split near Pilanesberg Centre – Tinged by Mona.

This beauty was tinged by Karman on the H4-1, near the Nkuhlu picnic site.

This Caracal posed for FatmanJ, LEOP Safaris on Tshwene drive.

Puff Adder males fighting on Nossob road in the Kgalagadi – Tinged by Butch



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