Unbalanced Encounter: Buffalo’s Remarkable Size Gives it an Advantage Against Two Lions


Buffalo and lion are natural enemies and can often be seen fighting. In fact, the Cape buffalo is believed to be responsible for more lion deaths than any other animal.

Due to their massive size and strength, a Cape Buffalo would take out a lion almost every single time in a one on one. A pride of lions can, however, overpower a single Cape buffalo by utilizing the strength of the group. A single lion can sometimes take out a calf or a wounded buffalo on its own.

The video was taken this time by amateur photographer Robert Brookes, 64, from Kendal, hunting in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, with his wife Susan.

This scene shows us that the lions have noticed a lost buffalo in the middle of the steppe.

At this moment a lion slowly approached the prey that was standing not far away, the bed like a buffalo still did not know the danger was approaching.


Suddenly the lion rushed from behind to jump on the prey’s butt, the new buffalo discovered and turned to counter the attack.

It seems that the buffalo is not afraid of the two lions, it constantly responds with rams directly at the predator.

The lion constantly surrounded the prey and jumped up to bite the tail, but the buffalo was not helpless, it jumped up and kicked the lion, injuring it.

At this point one lion was injured and could no longer participate in the hunt. The buffalo has come to attack the remaining lion. He knew he couldn’t do anything by himself, so he ran for his life.

In this video, the buffalo did not back down from the evil predator.


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