Deadly Encounter: The Crocodile’s Powerful Hunt as it Targets an Antelope


Wildlife photographer Jeffrey Wu, of Toronto, Canada, was at Masai Mala National Reserve, in Kenya, when he witnessed ‘shocking’ scenes.

Mr Wu said: “”I am leading a photography tour in Kenya and Botswana and we are waiting on the banks of the Mala River hoping to capture moments of antelope drinking by the lake ”

But now that the antelopes had discovered something unusual in the water, they immediately stepped back to observe.

it was a crocodile, now it knows it has been discovered, but it is still waiting for the opportunity to stalk its prey.

The antelope observed that the crocodiles did not move and continued to approach the lake to drink, they still did not know they were in danger.

The crocodile is now targeting an antelope drinking water from his herd.


but this antelope is also very alert when the crocodiles move, it moves backwards, making the crocodiles very angry.

so it has failed 2 times stalking without hunting any prey.

but it did not give up and persisted in following the gazelles.

3 hours later it moved closer to the shore to approach the antelope, this time the antelope was bewildered not knowing the appearance of the crocodile, still engrossed in drinking water.

In just a split second it jumped up and grabbed the antelope’s feet, once it had bitten its prey, it was very difficult to release.

After catching the prey, it dragged it far from the shore to drown it, it was pitiful for the crocodile antelope.

We were amazed with the lightning fast hunting of crocodiles.


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