Heart-Pounding Safari Experience: Leopard’s Bold Move as it Targets Tourists Inside Car


A leopard jumped up at a car window travelling through a game reserve in South Africa – and the moment the predator struck was captured on camera.

The footage, which was shot at the Kruger National Park, shows the big cat wandering out of the trees and walking over towards the vehicle.

At this point the video maker appears to have the car window open and zooms in on the leopard as it makes its way around the vehicle.

The leopard doesn’t initially appear to be interested in the people inside however.

Later in the video the big cat walks back around the car and a number of people inside film it and take photographs of it.

The leopard then focusses its attention on the vehicle’s passenger, who quickly responds to the intensity in its eyes by closing his window.


The big cat then springs its attack and jumps up at the car, but luckily for the people inside it is unable to gain access.

Inside, the people can be heard laughing as the leopard jumps back down and waits patiently by the car door.

Early this month a British safari tour guide was forced to pull his arm free from the jaws of a leopard when the animal launched a surprise attack on his truck at the Kruger National Park.

Curtis Plumb, 38, of Nhongo Safari Tours, sustained deep cuts and bites to his arm, but managed to free himself when tourists began throwing objects at the animal.


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