“Equine Courage: Wild Horses Defy Crocodile Menace to Preserve Their Domain”


In the wild, we often only encounter carnivores such as lions, crocodiles… actively rushing to attack antelopes, zebras… However, in a rare video recorded by tourists. in Florida State Park (USA), showed a scene of a fierce horse, daring to attack an alligator.

In the video, a crocodile can be seen casually lying in the sun on the grass and nearby is a herd of horses, seemingly unconcerned with the predator nearby.

Suddenly, a stallion went mad, rushed towards the crocodile, and used its hooves as if to trample on the enemy. The unexpected incident made the crocodile unable to turn back.

However, when observing the horse start to run in circles and continue to rush towards him again, the crocodile decided to fight back by launching a powerful bite. The bite force of the attack caused the crocodile to even be lifted into the air.

However, it missed its target, and the wild horse narrowly escaped death. After the attack, the horse also seemed to be aware of the danger, and retreated towards its herd. Those who witnessed the attack were surprised and worried for both animals.


According to recorded documents, crocodiles belong to the list of animals with the most powerful bite on our planet.

It is estimated that the bite force of an adult saltwater crocodile is up to 3,700 PSI, equivalent to 260 kg/cm2. Meanwhile, the species with the strongest bite force on the planet is the great white shark, with about 4,000 PSI.

Although they are relatively inactive reptiles, when hunting, or when excited, they are extremely agile and can tear large prey such as buffalo, cow, horse, antelope. .. and even humans, for a moment.

Usually, after using its heavenly bite, the crocodile will drag the victim into the river to drown until suffocation. Then, to tear the bait, the crocodile grabbed the meat and then turned around many times to remove the meat.

This shows that the wild horse in the clip above was really lucky to avoid the crocodile’s bite, preserving its life against the cold-blooded hunter underwater.


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