“When Worlds Collide: Lions Confront Rhino Horns and Face the Aftermath”


Shamwari Animal Sanctuary located 75 km outside Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa has been one of the top-rated reserves in the world for several consecutive years.

This is the place to welcome many top Hollywood stars, even many famous politicians in the world have also visited.

Activities at Shamwari are closely linked to wildlife and nature conservation is the strength here. Not only that, hunting trips led by experienced tour guides will give visitors unforgettable encounters with the “Big Five” and many other wildlife species.

The term “Big Five” refers to the five most respected animals in Africa. These are not only the 5 largest mammals, but also the most dangerous and ferocious animals in Africa. This can be clearly seen in the five names placed on the list: elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and African buffalo.

Each animal contains in itself characteristics and strengths enough to claim heroism and hegemony in its territory.

Usually, people will be more familiar with the fierce battles of species such as lions and leopards when hunting or the fights of elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes when defending their territory. Any fight between two animals in the “Big Five” group is extremely intense because of its fierce nature, like the clip below.

Accordingly, the video takes viewers to the grasslands of South Africa, which can be said to be ruled by lions. Thanks to his strength, speed and prestige, the lion is likened to the king of all species. Of course, almost no animal wants to “displease” the kings.


The lions were dozing off to sleep, keeping their strength for the upcoming hunt, when suddenly out of nowhere a lurking rhinoceros appeared.

The most distinguishing feature of the rhinoceros is the large horn on the nose. Rhino horns are large, pointed and about 10 to 20 centimeters in length. Rhino horn has a similar keratin composition to human hair and fingernails.

The whole rhinoceros body is covered with a layer of skin from a thick adhesive with an optimal thickness of about 5 cm, arranged in a mesh structure like an armor that helps them protect their body.

After contemplating for a while, admiring the lions, the hippo made a decision that surprised all who witnessed it. It finds each lion resting and then chases them out of the area one by one. Needless to say how surprised the lions were. Despite their overwhelming numbers, not a single lion in the pack had any intention of protesting. A humorous chase took place and in the end the victory still belonged to the rhino.


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