“Capturing the Unseen: The Secret Aspect of the Renowned Leopard-Baboon Showdown”


This famous leopard hasn’t had much luck in the hunting department. Shortly after being attacked and chased off by a family of baboons, he was seen battling it out with three porcupines.

25-year-old Nachi Mirkin, a cybersecurity analyst, got the epic footage of the famous leopard hunting the porcupines. He shared the sighting with LatestSightings.com.

This third angle shows a very different perspective on what exactly happened. It is as if the leopard was unaware that there was such a big troop of baboons ahead. His intentions can be seen as he was stalking one baboon, but maybe excitement got the better of him and he charged recklessly into the big troop!

As if getting into a fight with 50 baboons wasn’t thrilling enough, this leopard seemed to be on a roll. The day began with Nachi cruising down from Satara. His excitement was sky high as he anticipated the Tshokwane Male Leopard, known as “Porky or Porcupine Slayer”.

The name “Porky or Porcupine Slayer” comes from the many times he has been seen hunting porcupines. Perhaps he finds them tasty enough to risk some pain?

As Nachi approached the renowned Tshokwane picnic spot, he was greeted by the very leopard that had just gone viral for getting into a fight with 50 baboons. “The leopard was at first just walking down the road. When suddenly he went down a slope at the side of the road, flushing out 3 porcupines that were hiding in a drainage pipe beneath the road.”


“Once the porcupines were out in the open, he began trying to get to their soft underside and away from their deadly quills. However, the porcupines were no pushovers. They fought back, and the leopard’s efforts were met with painful quills in its paws.”

“After every attempt, he would lick himself where the quills hit him. He was determined, but so were the porcupines; after all, they were fighting for their lives. In the end, luckily for these porcupines, the leopard gave up and let the 3 porcupines be.”

Perhaps with the bruising on his ego from the brawl yesterday and the painful pricks and pokes of the porcupines, the leopard had enough and was just tired of getting caught in the wrong place. Although one could argue he did put himself in these dangerous situations,

“In the end, he walked away, failing to live up to his reputation. The porcupines emerged unharmed, with only a few quills missing. However, the leopard limped away, blood trickling from its paws and legs.”



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