“Old Lion’s Tragic End: The Unpredictable Outcome of a Savage Duel”


But the large size of the buffalo family shows that it is not an easy prey to subdue. Buffalo also launched a dangerous blow to pierce the lion’s stomach, according to the Daily Mail.

The photos of the dramatic battle were taken by photographer Matt Armstrong-Ford, 31 years old, in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. Matt stood only 30 meters from where the two animals fought.

In one photo, a lion claws at a buffalo. Another photo shows a wild buffalo stabbing a lion in the stomach.

When the lion was subdued, lying on the ground, many other buffaloes came.

What surprised the onlookers was that the lion did not die immediately after the dramatic fight. It still hunted other prey that night.


But a few days later, the same lion was found dead with fatal wounds inflicted by the hyena.

Hyenas are considered the arch-enemies of lions. A lone, weakened lion easily falls victim to hyenas.

The Scottish photographer said: “It was an emotional drama, especially when we learned about this lion. We all held our breath because the drama unfolded with many different emotions.”

The male buffalo is considered one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa. Large size, thick armor like skin along with sharp horns make the animal known as a “boss” in the animal world.

It is estimated that each year wild buffalo causes the deaths of about 200 people around the world.


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