Despite being torn by a wild dog, the impala still tried to fight to the end to regain his life with the wild dog.


The determined antelope won’t go down without a fight The determined antelope won’t go down without a fight
Even though the wild dogs have managed to tear open its flesh and rips its intestines from its body, the animal somehow manages to give it all he’s got.

Standing up shakily after the s.a.v.a.g.e attack, the impala ignores the vital organs now handing from its gaping stomach wound.
As the dogs invite more and more of the pack to take a bite, the fearless impala stands its ground.

Time and again it seems as though the animal has met its b.lo.o.d.y end – but time and again it refuses to be b.e.a.t.e.n.
Eventually, the animal is outnumbered and it takes just seconds for the savage dogs to completely r.i.p it to pieces.
Nothing but the empty carcass of the unfortunate prey is left behind.


The video posted to the YouTube channel, has reached over 13m views and received impressive comments.
One impressed viewer commented: “The impala was inspirational with its will to live and survive in the face of all the odds.”
“Impala was an absolute badass until the end,” another wrote.


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