Because the mother antelope doesn’t mind the eagle’s sharp claws fighting hard to save her baby


A mother antelope has been pictured desperately trying to save her baby from the clutches of a giant eagle.

The distraught mother bird can be seen approaching the bird of prey as it sits defiantly with a giant talon clinging to its prey.

The gloomy scene was captured by Linda Skeen during a trip to the Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The 65-year-old from Wyoming USA said: “Suddenly a huge Martial Eagle swooped down on top of the hunting wagon.

“We were all a little confused about its intentions, then it tried to take off again but couldn’t take off because it had a brand new Thompson’s Gazelle in its claws.

“It took a while for the mother to realize that the eagle had grabbed her cub.


“She started to attack, trying her best to free her fawn.

“At one point, the Martial Eagle had one claw on the young’s skull and used its remaining claw to grab the head of the mother antelope.

“As a wildlife and outdoor photographer, you are a witness to the realities of life, observing the interactions of animals.

“There is always life and death in nature. Honestly, I was hoping the mother hen would free her chicks, but in reality the situation was not in her favor.

“It’s hard to see, in fact, very heartbreaking. The brutality and reality of life and death was never something I liked to witness.”


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