Risking a great fight with two lions, but the ending was not as expected for the wild boar


Two lions travel through a forest in the wilderness in search of prey to sate their appetites. They unexpectedly came across a group of wild boars foraging for food. The herd of wild boars soon became aware of the pedeto’s presence and hastily dispersed to the eucape.

The two lions, however, were not amenable to giving up their territory. They approached the wild boar and attacked it. The sound of teo echoed throughout the forest as two free lions attacked the cornered herds of wild boar.

There is a pregnant р mother with unborn children among the wild boars. It made an effort to flee more quickly, but it was unable to escape the two lions’ charge. The mother lion was ultimately killed by two lions. They hastened to attack the mother of the victim’s body.

The remaining wild boars watched as the tragic event played out in front of them. They had no choice but to watch as their mother was brought before the two lions’ feast. The final child born to the new mother, р, tried to stand up but was swiftly jumped by two lions, ending its brief existence.

The two lions ultimately met each other’s basic requirements and shared a mouthwatering pie. The wild boars, meantime, were stunned and in a daze as they saw the lion ambush the mother and her babies. A regrettable conclusion to the tale of the struggle for survival in the wild world, where there is constant fight, fight, and death among creatures.

A frenzied attack was recorded in Addo Elephant Park, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, when a boar (an African wild boar with two large fangs and a hump on its face) accidentally strayed into the lord’s domain. forest while they are sleeping.

The boar managed to escape despite reaching a dangerous place and waking a lioness. However, while running away, it accidentally returned to the lion’s territory again, just in time a male lion was awakened.

The boar did not notice the presence of the lion, while the lion rushed out to attack suddenly from the grove. The weaker was forced to fight in the hope of being able to escape. But it seems unable to defend itself when the opponent is many times stronger than it.

In the fierce battle, the boar was thrown overhead. The tug-of-war made the surrounding dust cloud.


After 6 minutes, the lion gained the upper hand, pinning the boar to the ground. Unlucky prey becomes dinner for the king of the jungle.

Spotting wild boars engrossed in feeding from afar, the two hungry lions gently approached then sped up to grab their prey.

Before the methodical attack, the wild boar had a spectacular speed, running away from the clutches of predators. However, after an unsuccessful ambush, the two lions were still determined to chase their prey.

When he was tired, the lion had to give up because he could not match the speed with the prey.

The lion herds the wild boar to the den before finishing off its prey.

People once praised the friendship between the “lion king” and the wild boar in a famous cartoon, but in real life, everything happens completely opposite to the movie.

Wild boar has always been the lion’s favorite even though difficult prey. A wild boar suddenly caught the lion’s sights and quickly an attack took place.

Wild boar in the attack range of the lion couple

Images taken at Addo Elephant Park, Eastern Cape of South Africa demonstrate the drama of this encounter. After struggling for a while, the wild boar escaped the clutches of the predator.

But the lion did not give up, it chased the wild boar back to the den before continuing to attack and finally defeating its prey. All the efforts have brought it well deserved results.

Life in the wild is always fierce, but it is also hard to be different.

Thought it would have an advantage, but that’s not the case

In the food chain, we are often familiar with the hunts of the top predators such as lions, tigers, leopards… It is not a coincidence that the above animals are ranked at the top of the table, but rather on their excellent hunting skills, thereby absorbing many of the resources of the prey they hunted. Simply put, the top predators are the ones that contain the most nutrients.

However, due to climate change, deforestation makes it increasingly difficult for animals at the bottom of the table to find food, from which seemingly benign animals sometimes transform into predators. bloodthirsty predator.


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