With his hunting skills, the king of the jungle chooses the right moment to grab his prey by a narrow margin


The lion is a magnificent and strong animal with amazing hunting abilities. It is frequently referred to as the king of the jungle. The lion’s best hunting abilities are seen in the wild when it choose the ideal moment to mate and attack the buffalo. One of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom, these abilities have been honed over years of evolution and natural selection.

The lion is very methodical and patient when pursuing buffalo. In order to avoid being seen, they frequently lie in the shadows or high grass while they wait for the ideal opportunity to strike. Timing is crucial, and lions have a natural instinct for knowing when to strike. They frequently decide to go on the hunt around dawn or dusk when visibility is limited, allowing them to approach their prey unseen.

Working together as a team is one of the lion’s top hunting abilities. Because they are gregarious animals, lions hunt in packs that frequently include several females and one or two males. Because of their cooperation, they can kill bigger game like buffalo that would be too challenging for a single lion to hunt by himself. The pack works together to plan their attacks in order to increase the likelihood of success. Each member has a unique job to play.

The lion’s speed and agility are two more top hunting abilities. Lions are highly nimble and can move at rates of up to 50 mph, which makes it simple for them to evade the buffalo’s jagged horns. They frequently use their speed to pursue and exhaust their target, making the ultimate kill easier.

Lions have a special set of abilities that allow them to pick the ideal companion when it comes to determining the perfect moment to mate. Lion males can tell when a female is in heat thanks to their keen sense of smell. They will then contend with other males for her affections, frequently engaging in violent conflicts to establish their superiority.

Female lions, on the other hand, are quite picky about who they mate with. During their heat cycle, they will frequently mate with several males, ensuring that their offspring have the greatest genetic diversity. They fiercely defend their young from any potential threats and are also quite protective of them.

In conclusion, natural selection and years of evolution have resulted in the lion’s superior hunting abilities. With the help of these abilities, they have emerged as one of the animal kingdom’s most effective predators, revered and feared by all. The lion is an absolute expert at what it does, whether it’s picking the ideal moment to mate or taking down a buffalo.

At the Zimanga nature reserve, two lions make the mistake of actively attacking the muscular buffalo herd. The buffaloes gathered and joined forces to chase the two lions running in opposite directions. The lion’s defeat was captured by Swedish wildlife photographer Staffan Widstrand.


According to Staffan, the whole area was once a large cattle ranch. Over time, this place was gradually invaded by natural plants and attracted grazing animals like wild buffalo to feed. In the last two years, lions have been brought to the sanctuary. This is the first time the buffalo herd has encountered a lion in Zimanga.

“At first, the buffalo herd was scattered before the lion’s pursuit. Then they thought ‘hey, wait, we are outnumbered and bigger than that young lion’, so they chased the lion back. . The predator suddenly became the hunted,” said Staffan.

According to the photographer, after running for a while, the lion realized the situation seemed unreasonable and turned around. They continued to hunt and then rest and attack again for a long time until nightfall. Both the lion and the buffalo decided to rest. A few days later, the lion killed the first buffalo, Staffan said.

The African bush buffalo, also known as the Cape buffalo, is one of the Big Five, along with the lion, leopard, rhinoceros and elephant. This buffalo can weigh 1,000 kg. Buffalo is widely distributed in eastern and southern Africa and is not an endangered species.

The scene is peaceful in Kruger national park, the buffalo stands alone by a tree about 10 meters from the road. Moments later, visitors saw the lion emerge from a bush 20 meters away. The mighty lion jumped up and jumped at the buffalo. Suddenly attacked, the buffalo tries to escape.

A tourist present there said: “We were there for about an hour to witness the whole thing. When the buffalo had just stood up and walked heavily, the lion rushed and jumps on the back to knock down the opponent. The buffalo tries to struggle with the lion on its back.”

When running to the road, the buffalo hit the back of a car, causing the lion to be thrown to the ground. At that moment, visitors panicked when two other male lions also approached. However, they just stood on one side of the road waiting for the lioness to bring her dinner.

The wild buffalo ran wild in the middle of the road and crashed into another car. Fortunately, the buffalo escaped death. The lioness accepted to give up after many attempts to defeat but failed.

Many tourists in cars have witnessed firsthand the scene of lions attacking wild buffalo.

The tourists present on the road at that time had a suffocation and all sat silently in the car to witness the incident. The struggle between the two beasts brought traffic in the national park to a standstill.


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