1 vs 4! When four lions rush into battle with a buffalo, will luck belong to the buffalo?


A coalition of male lions hunt buffalo and risk it all for a meal when they go head-to-head with one of Africa’s most feared.

54-year-old wildlife photographer Nick Dale was able to watch the entire scene unfold and shared the story and images with LatestSightings.com.

“There’s a lion fighting with a buffalo! Our driver cried, holding his binoculars and looking in my direction. Let’s go! He tore off into the Serengeti, bouncing around like crazy as we headed towards the action, ignoring the park rules by going off-road! He was driving so fast that my bean bag flew up into the air. Thank goodness I was holding on to my camera, or I might’ve lost them both!”

When out on a game drive in any of the magnificent wildlife reserves Africa has to offer. It is not every day that the first thing you will see is a fierce battle between predator and prey. That is the amazing thing about going on safari you will always be in suspense for what may transpire.

“I couldn’t see what was going on, but our driver kept up a running commentary until we eventually got close. He asked me where he should position the car, but it didn’t matter as we could plainly see a lion grabbing the haunches of a buffalo only 10 yards away!”

“My heart racing, I immediately started taking pictures. I took so many, in fact, that my camera couldn’t cope and started to slow down! I had to stop every now and then to allow it to write the files to the memory card. Patrick and Yvonne were my guests I suggested to Yvonne that she take a video. For five or 10 minutes, the lion hung on with its claws and teeth. The buffalo desperately tried to escape.”

Male lions are not famous for their hunting skills. Typically, the females of the pride hunt, with male lions assisting with larger prey. This situation was different, there were no females to be seen in the immediate vicinity.

“Eventually, two more male lions arrived to help out and managed to take down their prey. However, the buffalo somehow managed to get to its feet again, and the struggle continued. We drove around a bit to get the best view. Finally, one more lion joined in, and the buffalo sank to the ground for the last time. One of the lions clamped his jaws around the animal’s neck and then its mouth to suffocate it.”

“We were in a great spot, with the sun behind us and all four lions lined up behind the carcass.” What a sight! I’ve been on over 250 game drives in Africa in the last 10 years, and I’ve never seen a Cape buffalo killed before. I’ve also never seen a male lion make a kill—let alone four of them!”


Tour guide Deon Kelbrick recorded the scene of a predator turning into a victim in the Sabi Sands nature reserve, South Africa, Latest Sightings reported on November 17.

“Early in the morning, the tourists and I set out in search of the iconic lions of Africa. Not long after leaving the camp, we tried to track down the lions in the Nkuhuma herd. They were hungry. belly and was following a large herd of buffalo,” Kelbrick said.

Lions are well adapted to hunting large prey because they are the only big cat in Africa to live in groups. Hunting large prey is also the best way to get enough food for 7 hungry lions.

“With the experience of hunting many buffalo over the years, the Nkuhuma herd is no stranger to choosing the weakest link and taking advantage of it. This time, a buffalo was also cornered by the claws and fangs of a lion.” , Kelbrick said.

Kelbrick and the tour group thought it was over, but the buffalo’s pitiful cry was answered. Hundreds of buffaloes rushed forward, leaving the male lion Dark Maned Avoca, already injured, unable to escape and trapped in the middle of the agitated buffalo herd.

Buffalo is one of the few creatures in Africa that can cause trouble for lions. Their large horns and massive body mass make them formidable opponents. Lions have to take risks when they want to win hundreds of kilograms of buffalo meat.

“Dark Mane Avoca, one of the lions’ males, didn’t know where to go and was filled with fear. Finally, it ran to the nearby bushes for shelter, but hostility kept the buffalo herd from giving up. The lion was flung into the air like a cloth doll, hit by its horns and trampled on by a series of hooves,” Kelbrick said.

The incident continued for about 15 minutes. Then, the cry of Dark Mane Avoca caught the attention of the lions and turned to chase away the buffalo.

After the incident, the tour group left with mixed emotions, Kelbrick shared. When they returned at the end of the day, they found Dark Mane Avoca still with the Nkuhuma herd but severely injured. “Despite our grief, we should always remember that this is a wild place, nature is sometimes cruel and survival will always be a battle. The male lion has survived the past four years with a limp. and will fight to the last breath,” Kelbrick said.


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