Crazy gluttonous hyenas attack lions to steal prey and bite off the king’s tail


A wildlife photographer in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park captured the dramatic moment a lioness fought off a herd of hyenas and jackals.

The lioness quickly ate a protein-rich breakfast after hunting a sizable wildebeest, oblivious to the jackals and hyenas that had since gotten close by.

The lioness must let go of the wildest carcass in order to defend herself from vicious hyenas and opportunistic jackals since she is constantly under attack. The lioness was cruelly bit on the tail by a hyena during one attack.

The lioness becomes irrational from the pain and charges bravely into the hyena herd to reclaim her prized quarry.

However, the hyena swiftly compelled the lioness to stand up thanks to its advantage over the other animals and the discovery of an explicit argument with the jackals.

The lion snapped at the closest hyena and then stubbornly fled after realizing that his desire had been divided into fate and sight and was no longer worthwhile.

The lioness will undoubtedly despise the hyenas and learn a painful lesson if she eats in a desolate spot away from the herd.

Chad Cocking, photographer and park keeper, witnessed a violent clash between hyenas and lions in Greater Kruger Park, South Africa, Media Drum World reported on July 8. The fight happened just over 70 meters from his car.

The lions are attracted by the sound of hyenas fighting with African wild dogs. By the time the hyena spotted the lion, it was too late, Cocking said. The hyena tried to run away but failed.

“We saw a male lion grab a hyena by the neck. After a few minutes, it left, leaving the hyena lying there waiting to die. The animal was still alive but badly injured. Then the second lion came forward. came and continued to bite the hyena’s neck,” he recounted.

“At first, other hyenas also gathered to save the pack member. But they quickly realized they were no match for the lion. The hyena was still breathing after the lions left. However, , it just lay there with a broken back and no chance to recover. Watching animals suffer and die is never pleasant. Surely this also shocked the guests traveling with me,” Cocking said. know.

Lions can rob other predators, including hyenas. Lions and hyenas often clash due to living in the same area in Africa and similar prey.

“Lions and hyenas are always in competition with each other so scenes like this happen all the time. While it looks brutal and heartbreaking for experienced conservationists like me, we need to remember this is natural. Such a situation has been going on for millions of years. Lions do not act maliciously but out of natural instinct. Today the lion wins, but maybe next time the hyena will be the winner.” , Cocking said.


Lions share food with the herd, but the males usually eat first. They are the “laziest” of the big cats, sleeping up to 20 hours a day. Lions are most active at dusk, when they start hunting. These animals can endure thirst for 5 days thanks to the amount of water they get from their prey.

There are many fights between lions and hyenas that have been observed and documented. Both have their own unique characteristics, and the lifestyle behaviors also differ greatly.
African lions are powerful creatures that usually attack and kill their prey within minutes. And hyenas are known to collect carrion and eat anything that can be eaten. Sometimes hyenas also hunt, but due to their low movement speed, they can only kill old or sick animals.

Lion is always the winner

Lions are always the victors whenever they fight a hyena. The African lion is a powerful creature with overwhelming offensive skills that make it difficult for hyenas to overcome. When fighting, lions often pounce on hyenas, biting the neck until the opponent suffocated.

Although hyenas often lose these one-on-one fights, they are by no means easy to defeat. They have powerful jaws that can tear a lion apart.

The force of biting and keeping the teeth firmly submerged in the lion’s body is calculated on less than one ton of force (additional required). When there are many members, they will force the lion to fight to the point of exhaustion and injury.

Just one simple mistake by a lion can get it killed because hyenas are not creatures that give up easily early. But a hyena’s only chance for a one-on-one victory is when it fights a sickly old lion or a young and inexperienced lion.

Hyenas often have to rely on numbers to overwhelm lions. However, with the speed and strength of an adult lion making it difficult for the hyena to approach, let alone defeat the lion.


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