Poor baby buffalo encountered a hungry hyena and struggled desperately to escape death


A pack of wild dogs manage to catch 2 baby buffaloes during a stampede and a battle for survival ensues. This amazing sighting took place in the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia.

Wild dogs are often dubbed “piranhas on land” as they rip their prey to shreds, while it still tries to evade them. Despite being one of the most endangered predators in Africa, they are highly successful at hunting. Hunting as a pack, they exhaust their prey and start taking their prey apart as soon as the first member reaches the target.

Wild dogs often finish their prey within minutes, as they also have predators and competition to avoid. Wild dogs are highly social animals, and each pack member gets a chance to feed. In this case, a pack of wild dogs hunts a buffalo calf shortly after taking down an impala.

42-Year-old safari guide Sebastian Sakala witnessed this unbelievable moment and shared the story with LatestSightings.com:

“We were on safari and spotted a pack of wild dogs hunting impala. Successfully having made a kill and they devoured their meal then they relaxed for a bit. They then set their eyes on a herd of buffalo, and the hunt was on again! They targeted a young calf, and as wild dogs do, started preying on their victim while it was still fighting for its life.”


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“The chase was amazing! Quite rare, as this was only my second in my career.”

“This was only my second time witnessing wild dogs hunting buffaloes. The wild dogs had managed to kill 2 buffalo calves. They proceeded to kill one after another. It’s becoming quite a habit for wild dogs to hunt buffalo nowadays.”

“My advice would be to always give animals space – in this case, give the dogs their space to hunt.”

After the fierce battle with the lions, the buffalo was exhausted and did not want to chase the hyena. It is this that makes it almost lose its “jewelry” because it is stolen by the opponent.

According to Mr. Sian Green, who happened to record this video in Kruger National Park, South Africa, the wild buffalo fought bravely against the lions’ siege. Although this allowed it to create a spectacular escape, it was still inevitable to get some serious wounds.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, the hyena moved closer in the hope of taking down the giant prey. However, when standing in front of the wild buffalo, it had to give up that idea, but still tried to tear a few pieces.

Unfortunately for the buffalo, the hyena’s bite hit the right penis and it proved extremely painful.

Hyenas are not successful hunters in the African savannah, instead often looking for opportunities to rob other predators. However, once hunting, the hyena decided not to waste any effort.

A large wild buffalo was attacked and captured by a whole herd of hyenas, then the whole herd of hyenas gathered to enjoy the meal that they worked so hard to get. By the next morning, the whole herd of hyenas remained with the carcass because they did not want to share it with other animals.

While eating, suddenly the whole herd of wild buffaloes came and tried to save the poor member because they thought the victim was still alive. Unfortunately, despite having chased away the hyenas, the buffalo herds arrived too late.

In the natural world, survival instincts sometimes lead animals to unusually intelligent and effective handling of situations.

A video recorded in Sabi Sand wildlife reserve (South Africa) is a proof that not only does prey survive purely by luck, but also comes from how to handle situations and choose terrain. of them.

In the video, a wild buffalo was seriously injured in the hind legs and tail, making it unable to walk normally and was left behind by the herd.

Immediately, the buffalo was discovered by other hunters. This time it’s the hyenas. They quietly followed, surrounded, and then waited for the right opportunity. When the buffalo showed a lack of vigilance, the hyena lunged forward, aiming its sharp teeth at the buffalo’s bleeding wound to weaken it.

Knowing that it was impossible to deal with the enemy in large numbers, the buffalo quickly ran into a small lake nearby to “entrench”.


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