To escape the boar, find a way around the leopard to escape from the leopard’s grip


A leopard jumps onto a warthog’s back. The warthog spins around and around to try and break free from the leopard’s grip.

Alison Drake, a wildlife enthusiast, had always been fascinated by the dynamics of predator-prey relationships. So, when the moment presented itself in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve, she knew she had to capture the moment. She shared it all with

Leopards are known for their love of warthog meat, and despite the danger, they will stop at nothing to get a taste of it. In fact, warthogs make up a significant portion of a leopard’s diet, and they are often the preferred prey due to their abundance in certain areas.

However, warthogs are not easy prey. They are strong and have formidable tusks that they use to defend themselves. When faced with danger, a warthog will run and, if cornered, will turn and fight with all its might.

In the case of Alison’s sighting, the warthog did just that. “As the leopard pounced, the warthog swung its body around, catching the leopard off-guard. Using its powerful neck muscles, the warthog lifted the leopard off the ground. The struggle continued for what felt like an eternity.”

“Squeals of desperation filled the air as the warthog fought on. The high intensity movement along with the dust that encompassed the two stunned the leopard momentarily; the warthog took its chance to make a run for it. It zigzagged through the bushes, using its speed and agility to escape. But it was not enough”

A leopard’s diet will consist of only meat. Leopards are carnivores and will eat anything from rodents to medium sized antelope.

“Perhaps inexperience and overambition were the two main factors in this leopard’s struggle. A young leopard challenging a fully grown warthog, the odds were always stacked against the feline. However, against all odds the leopard was able to somehow overpower the warthog and in the end was rewarded with a meal. The leopard eventually bit into the heart of the warthog and ended its life.”

A wild boar while wandering in the wild forest of the national park area accidentally caught the sight of a hunting leopard. At first, the wild boar tried very hard to resist. He pressed all four legs to the ground and used the weight of his body to press down with all his might on the predator who was constantly tearing himself. Thanks to the thick skin characteristic of wild boar, the leopard had to work very hard to bite into the pig’s inner flesh.

After struggling for a while, the leopard found a loophole when the wild boar was negligent, the leopard quickly turned over and took the upper hand. Although the wild boar tried to resist, the leopard used its mouth and claws to control its prey. Having been bitten several times in the throat, the wild boar gradually lost its balance and became weak.


The wild boar tried to fight back in the hope of being able to escape, but in the end it could not save itself. Leopards killed wild boar quickly. End the poor animal’s life. The natural world always contains countless unpredictable dangers, just a second of opening can lead to instant loss of life.

In the wild, leopards are one of the most dangerous predators. In addition to speed, bravery, this big cat is also very intelligent. Therefore, it is difficult for the prey to escape their attack.

In the video below, the leopard catches the wild boar. Although the prey tried to resist, the leopard used its mouth and claws to control the pig. Thanks to that, the leopard killed the wild boar and turned it into a hearty meal for him. The clip was filmed in Sabi Sabi National Park in South Africa in April 2017. – Clip of a life-and-death battle between wild boars and leopards. Source: Capture The Wild.

Referring to the leopard, the first impression of most people is that it is a superior predator with intelligence and the ability to move flexibly.

In fact, among the four largest species in the cat family (tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard), although the leopard is the species with the lowest strength index, it ranks first in terms of percentage. success rate when hunting.

Leopars can run more than 60 km/h, leap more than 6 m horizontally and jump 3 m high, can dive down to prey from tree branches and it can also hide in a layer Amazing camouflage.

Although the body is not as large as a lion or tiger, the leopard is endowed with agility and cunning that is unmatched by any other animal. Many experienced hunters estimate that if the size of a leopard is as big as a lion, it will be 10 times more dangerous than a lion.

Yet the skilled hunter could not pursue a prey with a “strange” barrel-shaped body with a large, broad head dotted with large humps and gave himself the name that if the People who hear them for the first time will think they are very slow.


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