Find the mysterious baby elephant corpse, the lion swallows the elephant carcass in a split second


Our app receives many tings from parks and reserves around Africa, daily. Keeping our community engaged with sightings in real-time is important to us. This was one of our most recent tings where a coalition of male lions devour a mysterious dead baby elephant! This incredible sighting occurred on the H4-2, near Crocodile Bridge in the Kruger National Park.

Once again, we are presented with the mysteries of Mother Nature. Often sightings can cause us to speculate, especially when the action unfolds without witnesses. This was the case when visitors to Kruger stumbled across lions feeding on a baby elephant.

“In all honesty, we are not too sure how the lions managed to get the baby elephant.”
“Elephants are expectedly very protective of their calves, and for lions to hunt them would be very risky and improbable. We are not sure if the calf was just found by the lions or if they miraculously took it down. The baby might have had a disease and passed away. There were no other elephants around, so this would be our best guess.”

“All 3 of the male lions had eaten well overnight, and of course, we went back to see what the aftermath and progress on the carcass was. Yesterday there were only jackals in the vicinity, and today, we arrived at a feeding frenzy with scavengers of all sorts around. The lions are still next to the carcass – with very full bellies. Vultures, hyenas, and jackals have also joined the scene – anxiously awaiting their chance to get a piece.”

One day, the lion – Lord of the jungle came to God and said: “I am very grateful to you for giving me a strong body, invincible strength, making me capable of dominating the whole forest.” .

When God heard this, he smiled and asked, “But this is not the purpose of bringing you here to see me today, is it? It seems that you are feeling stuck and upset because of something.”


The lion cleared his throat and said, “God, you really understand me. I came here today to find someone who really needed help. Although my ability is indeed far superior to other animals in the forest, every day when I hear a rooster crowing, I am startled awake by that crowing. I beg God to give me more strength so that I won’t be woken up by the crowing of the rooster!”

After hearing this, God smiled and replied, “Go find the elephant, it will give you an answer that will satisfy you.”

When the lion heard that, he was very happy, and quickly ran to the lakeside to look for elephants. The elephant has not yet been seen, but the lion has heard the elephant’s foot stomping on the ground, making a thumping sound. The lion quickly ran to the elephant, and saw that it was angry trying to hide its feet.

“Why are you so angry?” – asked the lion

Elephants waved their ears again, saying like a roar: “There’s a nasty little mosquito that wants to drill my ears out, harming me and wanting to die.”

The lion left, thinking: “The elephant is so big, yet he is still afraid of a tiny mosquito. So what do I have to complain about? After all, the rooster crows only once a day, and the mosquitoes buzz around the elephant all the time. Thinking like that, I am much luckier than elephants!”.

The lion looked back while walking, still seeing the elephant trying to hide his feet so that the mosquitoes wouldn’t bite. He thought again: “God told me to come see the elephant, the purpose is to show me the plight of the elephant, from there, he wants to tell me: Everyone can have trouble and God can’t help. help everyone. If that’s the case, then I can only rely on myself. From now on, when the rooster crows, I’ll treat it as an alarm, reminding me it’s time to wake up. Thinking like that, the sound of the rooster crowing seems to be beneficial to me!”

Through the conversation between a lion and an elephant, we realize that: On the road of life, no matter how favorable our steps are, as soon as we meet a little set of obstacles, out of habit we will complain and complain. blame the unfair life. Then we ask God to bless us, give us more ability and strength, help us overcome difficulties easily. However, in reality, God is the most balanced. Just like how you treat elephants and lions. Each difficulty has a certain value, as long as we are ready, the difficulty will become an opportunity to help us overcome ourselves.


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