The intense battle of the elephants repelled the attack of Africa’s most dangerous hunting team


Know the enemy, know that we have won hundreds of battles. If you know how to apply a reasonable strategy, you can defeat all enemies without spending too much effort.

In the elephant family there are two species: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. The African elephant is the largest land mammal in the world, weighing up to 6 tons, up to 7.5 m long and 3.3 m tall (at the shoulder). The second largest Asian elephant.

Their gentle nature and large body keep African elephants away from the dangers of predators in the wild. They have overwhelming power that makes any species terrify.

However, due to the habitat in the “black continent”, the land of wide rivers, green fields, fertile soil and home to many species of wildlife, stretches across the deserts. Deserts, savannas, great valleys and jungles still have fearless people, ready to punish anyone who makes a mistake.

Tour guide Brent Leo-Smith on a trip to Sabi Sands Private Animal Sanctuary, South Africa was fortunate to witness the power of not one but a whole herd of elephants in the face of the “men” of one of the elephants. Africa’s most successful hunting squad.

Accordingly, while traveling on the roads in the Conservation Area, Mr. Brent’s convoy discovered a pack of wild dogs huddled together, seemingly hunting.

To talk about the hunting level of wild dogs, scientists rate them as the “top” species with an almost perfect skill set. If even for adept predators such as lions and hyenas, the hunting success rate is about 30%, while for African wild dogs, this rate is 80%.


They have the strongest bite of any carnivorous mammal. Not only that, each individual has extremely high personal skills, discipline, and cohesion. The combination of all these factors has created a united, strong wild dog community and is a threat to any animal in Africa.

When approaching the end of the road, suddenly the image of the sporadic elephants of the herd began to appear. Expecting to encounter “lost sheep”, the herd of wild dogs including 9 happy and excited, howling every sound makes everyone feel terrible.

Detecting signs of threat, at this time, the elephants gathered enough teams and quickly deployed a plan to defend. It can be seen that, despite being a wild animal, the elephants have trained their members very well. They divide the biggest, strongest ones into the first class to face the enemy directly. The smaller, weaker ones are placed in the middle to minimize the possibility of being attacked.

“Va” is a team that is both strong and disciplined like this, the stray dogs have no choice but to run away.

According to Brent, elephants are an animal that hates hunting animals and they have never been comfortable with wild dogs near their active area. In fact, wild dogs have never been a threat to elephants in the wild.


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