Death-defying moment when young eagle attacks his elder in fight for fish – and wins


A bald eagle is almost on its back as it rears up its talons against a swooping rival.

While two more of the predatory birds have a fierce high-speed battle in mid-air over tasty salmon.

These jaw-dropping shots of amazing battles between the birds of prey were captured by photographer Arash Hazeghi in Haines, Alaska.

He explains: ‘The eagles prey on salmon in shallow water by dragging them to the river bank. The locations where the river becomes shallow and narrow are best since most salmon seem to converge and then get stock in shallow waters.

‘They will battle over salmon in mid-air at high-speed. The holder tries to fly as fast as they can to save the fish, the aggressor has to fly faster snatching the fish from behind and then dive below the holder.’

Arash managed to get amazing shots of the birds aggressively swooping at each other.


‘This is an interesting behaviour that happens in a split second when an incoming bald eagle buzzes another eagle that is standing on the ground.

‘The attacking eagle extends his talons to hit the standing bird. The standing bird swings backward extending his talons to defend against the incoming bird. The defending eagle is in a completely inverted position.’

He also observed the juvenile birds trying to take on their elders.

‘The younger eagles have a few dark patches remaining in the head and tail areas. One tried to buzz the mature bird as he tried to claim his catch, but the mature eagle dodged the attack quickly.’

Bald eagles grow to about 2.5 – 3 feet in height and have a wingspan of about 6.5 feet. Female bald eagles are larger than the males.


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