Feisty young leopard muscles in on gigantic crocodile’s impala dinner… until the croc runs out of patience and makes a snappy exit


They say you should never smile at a crocodile – and you certainly can’t get friendly with one.

But this leopard proved otherwise as he joined one of the huge reptiles for a chow-down on an impala.

Seemingly undaunted by the scaly creature’s massive, bone-crushing jaws, the big cat got stuck into the blood-stained carcass – and amazingly, the croc seemed happy to share its kill.

Fresh impala meat was clearly too much for the young male leopard to resist, as it leapt down from its tree and approached the crocodile at the side of the road.

After a few cautious sniffs, it apparently decided this was a dinner date for two, and took a big bite – inches from the croc’s jaws.

Crocodiles have been known to kill leopards, but this easy-going animal simply continued to gnaw on its prey with nothing but a brief – though disgruntled – glance at the big cat.

But some meals are best left to one and after a few minutes, the crocodile gathered up its now considerably smaller impala and headed off down the road.


The leopard – now joined by another of his species, who clearly wanted to see what the fuss was about – had apparently had his fill, and watched the croc lumber off into the distance.

The amazing sight of the two animals devouring the slaughtered impala together was captured by photographers who were taking part in a Bushcamp Company tour in South Luangwa National Park, Mfuwe, Zambia.

Park rangers have identified ten different leopards in and around the camps in the park, which boasts one of the greatest concentrations of animal life in Africa.

Sightings of more than 200 crocodiles on hunts or basking in the sun have been reported.

Impala are the most numerous animal in the park, which also boasts 14 different antelope species.

The park is also home to 60 different species of animals including hippo, buffalo, giraffes, zebras and waterbuck, and close to 400 bird species.



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