Horrifying moment a woman’s limbs are cut out of a crocodile’s stomach shortly after it ate her while she was fishing in Indonesia


This is the horrifying moment a woman’s limbs were cut out of a crocodile’s stomach shortly after it ate her.

The beast pounced on the 45-year-old woman, named only as Fatimah, while she was fishing in a river in North Kalimantan, Indonesia, last Friday night.

Shocked friends heard Fatimah’s screams and watched in terror as the reptile clamped its jaws around her body and dragged her below the surface of the water.

The 19-foot long crocodile was caught the next day after angry residents hunted it down.

Gruesome footage shows locals cutting open the crocodile’s stomach and removing her limbs.

Fatimah’s severed head and other body parts were later found nearby, having been discarded by the croc.

Amiruddin, head of the Tarakan National SAR Agency said: ‘The police first shot the crocodile. Then, the stomach of the crocodile was cleaved, and pieces from the victim’s body were found.’

Eyewitnesses said Fatimah was attacked by a large crocodile while she was releasing food into the water on Tibi Island in Bulungan Regency.


A search operation was carried out by residents and the police after receiving the crocodile attack report.

After several hours of searching, the Search And Rescue (SAR) Agency team found a body piece and then Fatimah’s head.

They continued the search operation until they finally found the giant crocodile lurking around the river banks.

Fatimah’s severed body and her limbs were later taken to Tarakan to be handed over to her family.

Rescue chief Amiruddin added: ‘We have warned residents to stay away from the water as there could be more crocodiles in the area.

‘People need to make a livelihood from the water so it’s not always possible to avoid it but they should take extra care.’


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