The hippopotamus attacked from behind the lion and jumped into the river to hide but the bad ending still came to him


Hippos are often seen as gentle giants, but make no mistake, they are among the most dangerous animals in Africa. Despite their seemingly docile nature, hippos are known to be incredibly territorial and will fiercely defend their territory against any perceived threat, even if that threat comes in the form of a pride of lions.

One day, a pride of lions was lounging near the banks of a river when they spotted a large hippopotamus emerging from the water. The lions, hungry and feeling bold, decided to attack the hippo, hoping to take it down and claim it as their prize.

The hippo, however, was not in the mood for a fight. It let out a loud snort and charged at the lions, its massive jaws snapping shut just inches from the lead lion’s face. The lions scattered, shocked by the sudden ferocity of their intended prey.

But the hippo was not done yet. It continued to chase after the lions, snorting and bellowing in anger. The lions, now realizing they had underestimated their opponent, backed off, their tails between their legs.

For the next few days, the lions stayed clear of the hippo, unwilling to take on such a fierce adversary. But hunger soon got the better of them, and they decided to try their luck once again.

This time, the lions launched a coordinated attack, each one targeting a different part of the hippo’s body. But the hippo was ready for them. It thrashed and kicked, using its massive bulk to its advantage. One lion was knocked out cold by a powerful blow from the hippo’s snout, while another was thrown through the air by a fierce kick from its hind legs.


The remaining lions, now realizing the danger they were in, retreated, leaving the hippo to fend for itself. The hippo, badly injured but still standing, let out a triumphant bellow and retreated into the safety of the river.

Days turned into weeks, and the lions continued to avoid the area where the hippo had staked its claim. But eventually, hunger once again forced them to try their luck. This time, they approached more cautiously, their eyes fixed on the massive form of the hippo as it basked in the sun on the riverbank.

The hippo, sensing danger, let out a warning growl and began to move toward the lions. The lions, now fully aware of the hippo’s power and ferocity, hesitated for a moment, unsure of what to do.

But the hesitation cost them. The hippo charged forward, its massive jaws snapping shut on the neck of the lead lion. The other lions scrambled to safety as the hippo shook its head, dispatching the unfortunate lion with a single bite.

In the end, the lion’s hunger and pride proved to be its undoing. It had underestimated the power and ferocity of the hippo and had paid the ultimate price for its arrogance.

The hippo, on the other hand, had emerged victorious, its territory and safety secure once again. It was a reminder of the incredible strength and tenacity of these massive animals and a testament to the importance of respecting the boundaries of the animal kingdom.


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