Hippo Fury Unleashed: 96 Strong Herd Seeks Justice After Crocodile’s Newborn Attack


Hippos are semi-aquatic, semi-terrestrial, inhabiting the rivers, lakes and mangrove swamps of West Africa where males dominate a stretch of river and lead a herd of 5 to 30 females.

During the day, they maintain their cool by soaking in water or mud; and spawning also takes place in water.

They come ashore at night to eat grass. Although hippos rest close together in the water, foraging is a solitary and non-territorial activity.

The melee scenes recorded between hippos, crocodiles and lions show that, although hippos are herbivores, they are also very dangerous and do not fear any predators.

A newborn hippopotamus is caught in the eye of a crocodile, postpartum fatigue of the mother hippo is an opportunity for the crocodile.

On the shore are lions watching, crocodiles easily eat newborn hippos.

An easy meal but the alligator pays the price soon after.


Hundreds of hippos, upon discovering the brutal killing of the crocodile, gathered to attack the crocodile.

Crocodiles can’t run away, can’t fight back, and are in danger of life.

Hippos seem to have drowned the crocodile, and soon they turn their attention to the lions on the shore.

Some hippos come ashore to challenge the lions, perhaps they think the death of the newborn hippo has something to do with lions?

Fighting on the shore is not the hippo’s forte, but the mother’s hatred has made the hippo strong and scary.

The lions were brutally beaten by the giant hippo, had to run away.
We can see that, although not carnivores, hippos are not less powerful than dangerous hunters.


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