Desperation Diaries: The Lighthearted and Foolish Antics of a Hyena Driven by Hunger


Leopards are notorious predators in areas from Africa to Asia. Despite its relatively modest size (about 2 m long and weighing from 30 – 90 kg when fully grown) compared to other big cats in the family, the leopard is gifted with agility. and the ability to climb very well.

A leopard at a healthy age they often run at more than 60 km/h (can run at a maximum speed of 90 km/h), leap more than 6 m horizontally and jump 3 m high, can dives down to its prey from a tree branch and it can also hide in an amazing camouflage.

Statistically, the leopard has the highest hunting success rate among its feline cousins.

Thanks to its very good climbing characteristics, when hunting prey (antelope, monkey, porcupine …), will often carry the prey to climb up the tree and then eat the meat. This is to avoid being robbed of prey by other formidable predators such as lions, hyenas, African wild dogs…

It sounds a bit theoretical, but only when we witness it with our own eyes, we can see the effect of knowing how to climb. Deon Kelbrick is the one who captured the entertaining footage of a hungry hyena trying to steal a meal from a leopard.

That day, Kelbrick was carrying his guests on a wildlife adventure when he encountered a large male leopard enjoying a meal. According to the protection team, the leopard’s meal is a robbery from its cubs. The fragrant meat attracted a hyena from nowhere.

The hyena is a relatively common carnivore in Africa, making an important contribution to helping balance the ecosystem here. With a hideous appearance, cold blooded, cruel enough to eat their own young, it is not difficult to understand why hyenas are among the most hated animals on earth.


In Africa, spotted hyenas are second only to lions (when they encounter each other alone) in strength. Sometimes hyenas even “bully” lions, when they are overwhelming in numbers.

The hyena is considered one of the most greedy carnivores on land, able to kill large animals such as zebras, wildebeest, wild buffalo, in addition to the ability to run fast also allows the Cranes chase even birds at close range. However, the hyena rarely hunts on its own, but mainly follows other predators such as lions, leopards… and steals their food.

It seems that the hyena in the clip is extremely hungry, so it is determined to sit under the tree to wait for the leftover meat to fall. The scene looked both tragic and amusing. After having had enough to eat, the leopard jumped down from the tree and was about to leave. At this point, the hyena seemed annoyed, so he chased the leopard. However, it cannot rival one of the fastest animals in Africa. With a sullen, pitiful appearance, the hyena once again returned to the tree. The patience of this animal cannot be denied. The second time back, the hyena was more determined with a lot of ridiculous games such as swinging, jumping… but still unsuccessful. In the end, the animal had to give up.


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