Battle for Life: The Hyena Is Attacked By The Enemy With A Lifetime Familiar Strike


According to the statistics of scientists, the majority of carnivores are solitary predators. They are almost all animals that have the advantage of bodybuilding or possess specific skills such as strength, speed, venom…

However, the hunting success rate of solitary predators is much lower than that of group predators.

Choosing to live in groups will help animals protect their territory, protect each other and support each other in hunting.

Among them, there are animals that are recognized as masters in coordinating hunting such as lions, wild dogs, hyenas, wolves…

The African wild dog is an animal that scientists consider to be the “top” species with an almost perfect skill set. If even for adept predators such as lions and hyenas, the hunting success rate is about 30%, while for African wild dogs this rate is approximately 80%.

The factor that makes the success of the wild dog is thanks to the combination of excellent individuals to form a strong team. Wild dogs are pack animals with high social organization and full of discipline. They usually hunt in groups of about 6-20. With skill, endurance and the ability to accelerate unexpectedly quickly from each individual in the group, when combined, they will form an extremely scary hunting collective.

The hyena is a relatively common carnivore in Africa, making an important contribution to helping balance the ecosystem here. With a hideous appearance, cold blooded, cruel enough to eat their own young, it is not difficult to understand why hyenas are among the most hated animals on earth.

For many, the hyena is one of the ultimate sorcerer animals, possessing the power of demons and dark forces of darkness. Some African cultures even believe that witches can transform into hyenas to harm others.


In the Middle Ages, many people even rumored about the story of hyenas specialized in digging graves and eating corpses of the dead.

Having such a bad reputation, however, there is no denying the fact that hyenas, like many other carnivores, also need an adequate amount of food to survive in the environment. harsh natural environment.

Although the hyena’s feeding method is not very “righteous”, but in terms of efficiency, few animals can match it.

In Africa, spotted hyenas are second only to lions (when they encounter each other alone) in strength. Sometimes hyenas even “bully” lions, when they are overwhelming in numbers.

In addition, there is another animal species that also hunts in groups, relying on the majority to overwhelm its prey, and even has a higher success rate than hyenas, that is wild dogs.

A clip shot at Senalala Luxury campsite located in Kruger National Park, South Africa happened to capture the full moment of confrontation between two charming rivals.

Accordingly, it is not clear how an ill-fated hyena got into the midst of a pack of wild dogs of about 8 members. It is ironic that the person who specializes in spreading hatred in the African desert is now being punished by the enemy using his own fingers. However, it seems that the god of luck has not really turned away from the hyena, thanks to its quick jump into a nearby lake, the animal has temporarily avoided the pursuit of the wild dogs.


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