Nature’s Surprises: Lioness’s Unexpected Care for Newborn Antelope Captivates Audience


Welcome back, nature enthusiasts! Today, we have an extraordinary story to share with you that unfolded in the magnificent Kruger National Park. Get ready to be captivated by the thrilling sighting that left our adventurers in awe. Let’s dive right in!

Meet Graeme, an avid explorer who embarked on a journey with his wife to the heart of the African wilderness. Little did they know, they were about to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event. Graeme recalls the astonishing encounter:

Graeme: “My wife and I had seen a lot of lions in that area in 2016. Due to the drought, the animals came to drink, and the lions were there waiting for them. On this particular day, there wasn’t an animal in sight, never mind any lions. I commented to my wife that I would love to know where they had all got to.

It seemed as though the wildlife had disappeared, leaving Graeme and his wife puzzled. But just when they thought they had reached a dead end, destiny had a surprise in store.

Graeme: “A few minutes later, out of nowhere, a lion came walking out of the dry bush with something in its mouth. At first, it looked like a lioness carrying her cub. However, at second glance, it turned out to be a young male carrying a newborn antelope.”

Can you believe it? A lion carrying a helpless newborn antelope! The young lion, driven by its instincts, led the way to an intriguing location.

Graeme: “The young lion carried the antelope down into the dry riverbed where we lost visual, but could still hear the antelope bleating. The lion went into the riverbed also because there were white-backed vultures, hooded vultures, and marabou storks in the vicinity hoping to take off with the buck. I think this was pure opportunism on the part of the lion as he must have stumbled upon the newborn while walking through the bush.”


Talk about a rare encounter! Graeme’s curiosity was piqued, wondering what might have happened to the antelope’s mother. Let’s find out more.

Graeme: “I am not sure what happened to its mom, but she may have been grazing and wandered a bit too far off from her youngster.”

As the dramatic scene unfolded, Graeme and his wife found themselves caught between conflicting emotions.

Graeme: “While the sighting was being played out, adrenaline was flowing! But watching the video, I could hear the little buck bleating, which wasn’t nice at all. My wife was almost in tears, and given a chance, she would have rescued the poor thing.”

The circle of life can be both awe-inspiring and heartbreaking. Graeme and his wife experienced firsthand the raw beauty and harsh realities of the animal kingdom. Moments like these leave an indelible mark on our souls.

Reflecting on this extraordinary encounter, Graeme shared his profound appreciation for the Kruger National Park.

Graeme: “We visit the Kruger often, but this was a rare sighting for both of us. That’s whythe KNP is the best place on Earth. You never know what lies in wait around the following bend!”

And that’s a wrap for today’s incredible adventure in the Kruger National Park. We hope you enjoyed this mesmerizing tale and were as captivated as we were. Remember, nature has a way of surprising us when we least expect it. Until next time, keep exploring, stay curious, and embrace the wonders of our magnificent world.


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