Unbelievable moment when thirty hippos rush in and attack a crocodile


Watch the Clash of the Titans take place between the masters of the waters as these hippos refuse to allow this crocodile into their territory and quickly make sure they remove him from their space.

Harish Kumar (71), a retired sonographer recalled this battled and told Latestsightings.com how it all came about: “We were traveling in a Dutch group of about 18 people. It was a gorgeous day and we only had 2 days of holiday left. Our guide took us out on a drive to the place called Hippo Pool, in the Serengeti.”

“We were all just strolling around when suddenly my wife called me to tell me that something was going on there in the pool, with the huge pod of hippos.”

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“I excitedly ran to get there and immediately started filming – there wasn’t even time to get the tripod set up. Luck was absolutely on my side as I was able to stand with my camera in the right place to film. This was just an unbelievable sighting.”

“The crocodile somehow managed to manoeuvre himself into the middle of a pod of angry hippos. These guys wanted him out of their territory at once.”

“The crocodile was completely outnumbered and found himself being thrown around and bitten by the hippos. Luckily he managed to get away unharmed. This was a right time right place encounter.”

An interesting video recorded by veteran photographer Lean van Biljon in Kruger National Park (South Africa) shows that despite being a notorious predator, crocodiles still have to respect hippos and do not dare to compete. food with this animal.

As can be seen at the beginning of the video, the crocodiles ambush and attack the calf when it reaches the riverbank to drink water, and quickly pull the prey into the water.

Immediately, a lot of crocodiles joined the “party”, and they prepared to eat their prey. However, the crocodile suddenly encountered a new obstacle, which is the hippopotamus.

The struggle ensued to regain the prey. However, the victory quickly belonged to the bigger, and stronger. Once again, the crocodiles “submitted” to the annoying enemy.

Hippos are mammals that mainly eat grass. It is one of the largest land mammals and the heaviest even-toed ungulate, although much smaller than the giraffe.

Hippo’s favorite habitat is half underwater, half on land. They usually inhabit rivers, lakes and West African mangrove swamps where males dominate a section of river and lead herds of 5 to 30 females and their young.

Despite their clumsy and slow appearance, hippos are exceptionally agile and dangerous. They are considered to be the most aggressive creatures in the world.

Even crocodiles, known as the “swamp king”, often have to avoid hand-to-hand encounters with hippos.

According to statistics, the jaws of hippos can crush one or two crocodiles about 3m long. Their ferocity is stronger than any large animal.


No wild animal in Africa kills more people than hippos. Every year, an average of 2900 people are killed by this animal.

Hippos are especially aggressive when it comes to trespassing their territory and touching their offspring. That is why it is very easy for the aborigines in Africa to lose their lives when they accidentally invade the territory of the hippo. They will chase, drag them into the lagoon, bite their boat.

Hippos live in the freshwater rivers and lakes of Africa, they can be said to be the strongest species in the waters of the black continent, even the famous Nile crocodile is often bullied by them. However, when hippos meet lions, they become straw heroes and can be eaten by lions. Why did this happen?

Hippos and Nile crocodiles are neighbors in freshwater rivers and lakes across Africa, hippos always bully crocodiles even when they are giant crocodiles. We often see hippos chasing crocodiles in documentaries. What’s more annoying is that hippos frequently interfere with crocodiles’ hunting. Sometimes crocodiles attack a zebra, wildebeest or antelope crossing a river, when they are about to succeed, the hippopotamus rushes in to cause trouble, the prey can take advantage of that moment to escape. Sometimes, hippos will guard the corpses of their fellow humans and prevent crocodiles from eating them.

However, the hippo’s large mouth and huge teeth and ferocious temperament will not work when it encounters a lion. In recent years, more and more hippos have been hunted and killed by lions. There are records from Masemala and Nabiro in Kenya, Kruger in South Africa, and the Okavango Plain in Botswana.

The fact that lions hunt hippos is not the strangest thing. What’s even more strange is that from the pictures and videos, hippos barely resist when encountering lions but just lie or stand still waiting to die.

Hippos are often attacked by lions on land. So why did they come ashore? In fact, although the hippopotamus lives in water, it eats grass on the shore, and it hardly eats aquatic plants. So it has to come ashore to feed. When food is scarce in the dry season, hippos can forage up to 4 km away from the riverbank.

If the hippo lives only in one body of water, it will feed around that body of water; if it lives in two bodies of water, it will choose to feed on the land between the two bodies of water. Strong sunlight during the day is a major cause of hippo skin damage, so they choose to rest in the water during the day and come ashore at night to find food.


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